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Classes[edit | edit source]

Hero's Song is deeply rooted in classic RPGs and features a wide variety of classes. Each class offers a distinctly different play style and some will be easier to play than others; allowing you to choose how you want to experience the world.

  • Alchemist -
  • Assassin -
  • Bard - (Coming Soon!) - Weavers and wielders of song, these ancient travelers are a welcome sight.
  • BeastMaster - They travel the world sharing adventures with their beasts.
  • Berserker - (Coming Soon!) - Blood lust drives these fearsome barbarians.
  • Dreadlord - Warriors for the Gods of Madness - their brutality knows no bounds.
  • Druid - At one with nature, communes with flora and fauna alike.
  • Elementalist - (Coming Soon!) - The forces of the primacy are at their command.
  • Enchanter - (Coming Soon!)
  • Illusionist -
  • Knight - (Coming Soon!)
  • Monk - Tapping the well of inner strength empowers these solemn martial artists.
  • Necromancer - They can summon forth terrors that once knew life from the shadowlands.
  • Paladin - Deadly and willing weapons of the Gods, dedicating their lives to righteousness.
  • Priest - (Coming Soon!) - Servants of the Gods, their devotion is rewarded with power.
  • Ranger -
  • Shaman - Bridging time to bring back the wisdom of the ancients.
  • Summoner - (Coming Soon!)
  • Swashbuckler -
  • Thief - Thievery and skulking in the shadows are but two of their tools.
  • Warrior - A deadly force in combat, hardened by a lifetime of battles.
  • Witch - (Coming Soon!) - Ancient sisters that share a terrible power.
  • Wizard - Wielders of ancient magic and seekers of knowledge.