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Magic takes many forms in the world of Hero's Song and it's not as simple as different versions of fireballs or magic missiles. There are a variety of magic systems that give magic users a lot of options for gameplay. Magic is something that's very powerful and learning its arcane secrets can be a difficult thing.

  • Alchemy - Alchemists find their reagents for their mysterious art in all corners of the world and are in constant search of rare and impossible things to give power to their concoctions.
  • Beast Mastery - To some few has been given the boon of walking through the world sharing the thoughts and lives of beasts.
  • Enchanting - Long Ago the art of imbuing metal with secret magics was studied in secret places of the world.
  • Faith - Channeling the power of their gods is dangerous. Many gods demand more than just belief and their benevolence brings power but not without strings.
  • Illusion - Others of your kind teach you the long forgotten arts and glamours that let you show the world not as it is but as you wish it to be.
  • Necromancy - The Shadow claims all in the end, but there are those who seek to bring that which is shadow unto the realm of mortal men.
  • Song - The history of the world is filled with songs of power.
  • Summoning - The ancient rituals of summoning are still taught in some places in the world calling forth creatures often better left alone.
  • Witchcraft - Sisters that worship long dead gods have passed their craft to their own kind since time began.
  • Wizardry - Scour the world in search of spells to inscribe into your spellbook. You'll find spells in many different parts of the world and the journey to find them is filled with dangers. Even the ink you need to transcribe your spells is hard to come by. Find ancient places of learning long forgotten except by those who seek forbidden knowledge.