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There are a wide variety of fantasy races possible within each unique world.

  • Analathi Elves - Consumed by their lust for magic and hatred of those who slaughtered their kin
  • Avar - Noblemen of the North
  • Dranuk Dwarves - Dranuk call the deep places of the world their homeland
  • Elathi Elves - Elathi live in harmony with the forest
  • Golem - Constructs fashioned by the Ithgaldi
  • Halflings - No information available
  • Islathi Elves - Islathi lead lives built entirely upon their magic
  • Ithgald Dwarves - Ithgald dwell in their fortified cities amongst the great plains
  • Maren - Ocean-dwellers who form vast cities with their boats
  • Tenab - Magical nomads of the desert
  • Uthar Dwarves - Barbarians of the wild
  • Varloosh - Barbarians of the wild